inVision is a knowledge management system that creates a custom environment to organize and assess information on a daily basis.

Unlike traditional file sharing and collaboration tools, inVision not only stores information but also provides summaries and analysis of what that information means to your business.  inVision has specific modules for medical conferences, clinical trial data, drug landscapes and timelines.  Incorporates information from any source.  Users of the system are provided with a customized dashboard which shows the data most relevant to them and pushes information out based on user preferences and roles.

Flexible Project Space

inVision provides a flexible project space that is highly configurable and dynamic to meet your team’s specific needs.

Team Focused Views

Create multiple views to support the entire enterprise as well as small teams.

Flexible Tagging

Content can be quickly tagged and sorted into multiple categories and topics based on your business requirements.

Multiple Content Sources

Information gathered from any source, including news, opinions from outside experts, and proprietary information, is collated into one place.

Analysis Layer

Analysis and summaries are added to ensure information is relevant and actionable.

Source Agnostic

Incorporate content from any source including internal content, or external content such as clinical trial results, earnings reports, etc.

Team Views

Create team views, where teams can customize the order and presentation for their specific needs.

Conference Module

Manage attendance, photos, and notes from conferences with ease.

Email Alerts

Users can subscribe to email alerts to stay up to date on key topics.

Role Based Permissions

Control access permissions using role-based permissions to limit who can add/edit/view content in the system.

Document and Workflow Management

Tag documents that are impacted by specific alerts, and easily make updates when needed.

Learn More About inVision

The best way to understand what inVision can do for you and your team is to get a live demo where we can show you how it can be configured to meet your needs.

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