Manage Multiple Spreadsheets and Systems: Conference Schedules

Using Your Conference Schedule Outside of inVision

Conference Schedules

Use Your Data Where You Need It: Conference Schedules

Everyone experiences it. You must log into several different software platforms just to get through the day. Sometimes you just want to be able to see where and when you need to be somewhere, in a way that you're comfortable using.

That's why our team at inPhronesis has given you the freedom to choose. When you make use of the Medical Conference Module, you are in control.


inVision | Mobile Friendly Conference Schedules

You may want to export your calendar to a PDF file so you can print it out and take a physical copy with you or to share with a colleague. Or be able to save it in a calendar format (ICS) to enable you to add it into your Outlook or other calendar app. And you should have the freedom to be able to do so.

inVision | Conference Filters Give You The Freedom

We believe you should use your data where it makes the most sense, to have it to help YOU make your day more efficient. And to make things even more custom to YOU, you can even filter only what YOU want to take with you, all while ensuring it matches up with your preferred timezone.

A SINGLE, ORGANIZED Version Of Your Data

Hopefully you're making use of a system, like inVision, to ensure your information is collected, compiled, and cataloged to be most useful to your business.

Our team has put together a very handy guide to Exporting the Conference Schedule should you want to explore the freedom of taking your calendar with you to enhance your day.

Ready for your own knowledge management system? Check out inVision, and how it can help you make the most of your data.