Keep Your Materials Confidential


Keep Your Materials Confidential

Need to have confidential material / notes available to a select group of individuals?

You are under an NDA, and know a certain indication is being evaluated for a certain molecule. This information is critical for a handful of people within your organization so how do you update pipelines, timelines, and other notes with this information for one group yet secure that information from the greater company? 

inPhronesis now can allow those with clearance (need to know) to see this critical/confidential material and secure it from the rest of the company.


Key visuals could have a note that there is additional confidential material available for this molecule to the average user or if the company wishes completely hide it, this is flexible and will be based on the company guidance. Those with clearance, will see that information.  

 inVision ensures your competitive and market intelligence information is collected, compiled, and cataloged to be most useful to your business.

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