How to MAXIMIZE  Your Medical Conference Attendance

Maximize Your Medical Conference Attendance With inVision
Medical Conference Attendance

How to Maximize Your Medical Conference Attendance

Medical conferences are events where information can be released fast and furiously, like water from a firehose – this is true both at in person conferences as well as virtual conferences that have become the norm during the COVID pandemic. You may have often wondered how to maximize your medical conference attendance to get the most from your time and money. Whether you are the only person at your company attending or part of a team, some practices can make your experience more valuable, from simply exercising careful planning to utilizing data management resources through a platform.

Tips to Maximize Your Medical Conference Attendance

Below are tips for making the most of each medical conference so that you get all of the value from each aspect of the event.


Before the Medical Conference

Planning is key. Conferences typically provide the sessions, overviews and speakers well before the main event so you can decide which ones will most benefit you and your company. However, even before you start deciding which session to attend, take some time to think about what you hope to accomplish. Are you looking for ways to nurture your own professional growth, or is this an opportunity to learn how to help the organization as a whole move forward? Are you gathering the most up to date research on a specific technology or study? Do you have specific key intelligence topics and/or questions? The answer could be different for each conference, so know what your goals are.

Once you have determined your goals, look at the session options and set your schedule based on the ones that will most likely give you the information you seek. Have backup plans in case a session is full or turns out to be something different than you expected. If you are attending as part of a team, plan together so that you can have coverage in as many sessions as possible that are relevant.

In the Thick of the Medical Conference

Medical conferences have educational and social elements, and both are very important.


Plan to take away a few key points from each session, and as the session progresses, listen for those important points. If you try to take down every word, you may miss what you came for, and the firehose of information may be overwhelming to the point that you remember less than if you focused on just a few points.

Remember that if a session is taking a different and less relevant direction than you thought, you can leave and join another session. Additionally, you have no set requirements to be in a session for each time segment, and if you have a free block, utilize the time to regroup, revisit notes from previous s

essions, or network with other attendees.

If you do need to be able to collect and recall every bit of key data, you need to be very organized and you may need the help of a knowledge management system.


Speaking of networking, for in person conferences, the time after sessions is your chance to speak with other attendees and key decision makers in your industry. You can exchange ideas and insights about the new information, or about your own research or best practices. This time is ideal for making contact with experts who may be valuable sources of information exchange in the future. You may also get the opportunity to chat with the speakers and get clarification on specific points they made in the sessions. For virtual conferences, pay attention to the conference Twitter posts, there could be opportunities to join zoom-based social networking sessions. Additionally, Twitter is a great place to ask questions to presenters after a presentation.

After the Medical ConferenceBusiness team members meeting around a table | Maximize Your Medical Conference Attendance

Maximizing your medical conference experience includes reflection, at the end of each day, and at the end of the conference. You have just received hours or multiple days full of new information that you need to assimilate and process. Review your notes, download presentation slides and other materials, and consider how to put your new knowledge into action. If you attended the conference with a team, share ideas with your team members and discuss how the new information could impact your company or your industry, or how it fits into the existing data and research.


Knowledge Management System

As previously mentioned, these conferences deliver torrents of information that a single person has no chance of completely absorbing. So what if you need to be able to catch all of the sessions and retain all of the information? The answer is a knowledge management platform.

inPhronesis’ knowledge management platform, inVision, provides teams a shared place to store and easily recall information, analysis, notes, images, slides and other material. inVision stores information and also provides summaries and analysis of what that information means to your business.

inPhronesis also has specific medical conference modules that help manage schedules, as well as collect notes and photos from medical conferences. This module is an additional option for inVision users that can be utilized for in-person conferences as well as virtual ones. This allows teams to have all the data in one place so that each team member can have access to the data and add their own analyses making collaboration more efficient.

Contact inPhronesis to Learn How We Can Help You Maximize your Medical Conference Attendance

inPhronesis is a leader in data management and we understand the needs of the biomedical and pharma industries. inVision is a product suite that has resulted from research and development designed to propel the momentum of the biomedical and pharma companies. We collect and organize data that is related directly to their key intelligence topics (KITs) and key intelligence questions (KIQs). Contact us today to learn more about how our platform can benefit your day-to-day business and help you maximize your medical conference attendance.