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[ froh-nee-sis ]

An ancient Greek word for a type of wisdom or intelligence. More specifically, a type of wisdom relevant to practical action.

At inPhronesis we don't just help you store and share your data. We give you insights, intelligence and innovative ways to help you with what you need to truly empower your team with inVision.

And we can show you how to make it to work for your business.

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Our Story:

inPhronesis was designed by CI consultants who needed to track large amounts of ever-changing data that impacted multiple key client questions. Our team of experts truly understands what is needed in the Competitive and Business Intelligence world inside the Pharma and Biomedical industries.

Our Philosophy:

At inPhronesis, we feel that information that you cannot act on is just useless data. We have been frustrated with the traditional knowledge management systems because we felt they were missing the analysis capabilities and flexibility required to make data actionable, so we developed inVision.

Our Mission:

To offer clients a streamlined interface with custom functionality for their business intelligence. Give users the ability to configure enterprise level solutions that make their customers’ lives easier. Develop inVision as the single tool that provides quick collection and synthesis of everything needed to address the most important tactical and strategic questions.

Our Leadership Team:

Chris Martin, MBA, MS

Chris Martin, MBA, MS


Chris Martin, MBA, MS

As the president of inPhronesis, Chris is focused on constantly improving inVision, the leading competitive and market intelligence platform for the biopharmaceutical industry, to better meet the changing needs of clients.

With 20 years of experience in roles being a consumer of market and competitive information, Chris understands the needs and priorities of clients. Chris was a senior principal and co-founder of inThought, a life science consulting, market research, and analytics firm. Collaborating with Ben Weintraub, Chris also co-founded BiotechTracker, an online tool for investors and precursor to inVision. Previous to inThought, he was a healthcare analyst and co-portfolio manager at two investment firms. Chris served in health care policy roles at the White House Office of Management and Budget. These roles included Medicare Desk Officer at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, where he was responsible for providing recommendations to senior White House policy officials on healthcare policies and regulations.

Chris has a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, a Master in Engineering from Villanova University, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Cornell University. Prior to attending Harvard Business School, Chris served on two U.S. Navy nuclear submarines and at the Pentagon.

Ben Weintraub, PhD

Ben Weintraub, PhD


Ben Weintraub, PhD

After completing his training in immunology and biochemistry, Dr. Weintraub began work as a financial analyst in 2000. Collaborating with Chris Martin, Dr. Weintraub co-founded BiotechTracker, an online tool for investors, and a precursor to inVision. In 2004, Dr. Weintraub became a licensed security analyst with Hibernia Southcoast Capital covering the biotechnology sector, and later performed the same role at Variant Research and Reuters Insight.

Dr. Weintraub's team founded inThought in January 2009, and in 2018 launched inPhronesis as a subsidiary dedicated to the development of inVision and other knowledge management platforms.


Doug Foster

Doug Foster


Doug Foster

As COO of inPhronesis Doug is focused on enhancing inVision to make it a world class competitive intelligence platform by adding additional AI/ML functionality to accelerate content ingestion, tagging, and searching.

As Manager of Online Education at InterSystems Doug built a dedicated online learning team focused on developing technical training content on InterSystems products for employees, partners and customers. As Director of Global Learning Services at Boston Scientific, he led the learning work stream of HR Transformation and managed the newly created Global Learning Services team. 

As an MIT graduate Doug has worked with start-ups, operated as an independent consultant and grown a services business. He has contributed on all sides of human capital and knowledge management and provide a specialized perspective characterized by a deep understanding of technology coupled with a unique ability to communicate with both technical professionals and business executives alike.

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